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Warner Tech-Care Products

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Warner Tech-Care Products

Warner Techcare - Supplies for Audiology

With over 250 years of combined hearing industry experience, Warner Tech-care Products is dedicated to equipping the industry with quality supplies and support needed to treat hearing loss worldwide. Based in Arden Hills, MN, our product breadth exceeds the industry standard with over 6500 products ranging from clinical to manufacturing supplies, including those for audiologists and hearing aid dispensers. We also offer a Tech-care® branded line of trustworthy, resale personal care products.


Our Mission is to positively impact the lives of those with hearing loss by promoting prevention and providing lasting hearing solutions. We work toward this each day by creating an impactful customer experience through the following three key values: Unmatched Service, Valued Partnerships, and Product Support. 

We pride ourselves on our “customer first” mentality and we go to bat for our customers and their needs with our vendors, manufacturers and other partners we work with to provide top quality products and support. We are a single source supplier and have helped many of our customers find great cost savings by consolidating their business with us.

We all know business can be complicated sometimes. We make it simple.

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Product Spotlight 

  • Hal-Hen® Products

    Since Warner Tech-Care and Hal-Hen® merged in 2018, we have always supplied our customers with high-quality hearing aid products and accessories to audiologists, hearing aid manufacturers, hearing healthcare professionals, and hearing aid dispensers. Hal-Hel® product offering to find the perfect solution for ear hygiene or hearing aid maintenance.  Select from great products such as the Hal-Hen Super Dri Aid™ or Hal-Hen Clean Aid™.

    More Information » www.warnertechcare.com/brands/hal-hen

    Hal-Hen® Products
  • 3D Printers & Scanners

    Quickly create custom molds, shells, and IEMs by purchasing one of our Asiga 3D Printers or Smart Optics Scanners. Our 3D printers and scanners allow manufacturers to create reliable products for hearing health or dental offices. Additionally, providers who want to create their own customized products can utilize also our 3D printers, scanners, and essential lacquers, resins, and materials to create products in-house. For more information, please visit our website

    More Information » www.warnertechcare.com/products/3d-printers-resins

    3D Printers & Scanners
  • 3M™ E-A-RLINK Products

    3M™ provides the hearing health industry with reliable products such as the E-A-RTONE and E-A-RLINK eartips. We also carry other high quality 3M items such as N95 masks, earmuffs, and abrasives. Check out our website for our full 3M™ product offering

    More Information » www.warnertechcare.com/brands/3m

    3M™ E-A-RLINK Products
  • EarWay Pro Wax Removal Tool

    The EarWay Pro ® Wax Removal Tool allows for quick removal of most cerumen impactions, usually providing quick relief from related conditions or symptoms.

    EarWay Pro ® is designed with a flexible helical styled tip, for easy navigation in the ear canal. Equipped with measurement markers indicating the distance remaining to the eardrum, this device is rotated inward into the ear, collecting the cerumen and extracting it from the ear canal as a single cluster. This device has gone through numerous clinical tests to ensure cerumen is not pushed back into the ear canal.

    More Information » www.warnertechcare.com/brands/earway

    EarWay Pro Wax Removal Tool
  • Welch Allyn™ Otoscopes

    Welch Allyn™ Otoscopes are among the most reliable diagnostic tools within the hearing healthcare industry. We supply dozens of Welch Allyn™ batteires, bulbs, parts, and heads to ensure you always have a reliable product. Purchase today to begin serving your clientele with dependable Welch Allyn™ Otoscopes.

    More Information » www.warnertechcare.com/brands/welch-allyn/welch-al...

    Welch Allyn™ Otoscopes
  • Ear Gear™ Hearing Aid Covers

    Supply dependable hearing aid protection by purchasing an Ear Gear™ hearing aid cover from Warner Tech-care. Ear Gear™ covers comes in many styles, such as corded or cordless, and in popular colors like camo, black, pink, and blue. Browse our selection of Ear Gear™ products to help your patients have a stylish look as they protect their hearing aids from wind, dirt, moisture, and loss.

    More Information » www.warnertechcare.com/brands/ear-gear

    Ear Gear™ Hearing Aid Covers
  • Sani-Cloth Products

    Sani-Cloth™ disinfecting wipes are proven to be effective against 30+ microorganisms, including CoV-2, with a fast contact time of 2 minutes. These products, such as Super Sani-Cloth or Sani-Cloth af3 wipes, are perfect for a fast paced environment that requires a quick turnaround. Purchase Sani-Cloth™ products today to ensure the safety of all staff and patients

    More Information » www.warnertechcare.com/brands/sani-cloth

    Sani-Cloth Products
  • Hearing Aid Supplies

    Warner Tech-care's hearing aid supplies span over dozens of products, parts, and accessories. Our products can meet all hearing aid maintenance needs to ensure your clinic or private practice is well stocked with batteries, cases, tubing, or anything else your client may require. Choose from our selection of products to find the perfect match for any hearing aid need.

    More Information » www.warnertechcare.com/products/hearing-aid-suppli...

    Hearing Aid Supplies
  • Cerumen Management

    Cerumen managment and prevention are critical aspects of ensuring the proper operation of hearing instruments. Shop from our catalog of lighted curettes, alligator forceps, and hearing aid vacuums to help customers preserve their hearing aid investment and help prevent them from making unnecessary trips to your office.

    More Information » www.warnertechcare.com/products/cerumen-removal

    Cerumen Management
  • Impression Materials and Supplies

    Warner Tech-Care has always provided customers with safe and effective impression materials and supplies. We offer our Tech-Care branded impression material as well as other great brands such as Dreve, Matrics, and Detax. Find all the necessary tools and accessories to produce reliable and accurate ear impressions for any client or customer by visiting our website.

    More Information » www.warnertechcare.com/products/impression-materia...

    Impression Materials and Supplies


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