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  • Audiology Clinical Practice Algorithms and Statements

    Communication disorders are among the commonest of disabling conditions in the population of the United States. Problems affecting hearing, speech, and/or language are estimated to affect 10-15% of the populace, and the number of people with such problems increases as the population ages. More »

    Audiology Clinical Practice Algorithms a...
  • Health-Related Quality of Life Benefits of Amplification in Adults

    Although sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) can have a substantial negative impact on the lives of numerous patients and their families, many individuals are uncertain about the potential benefits that might be derived from hearing aid use. More »

    Health-Related Quality of Life Benefits...
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines: Remote Microphone Hearing Assistance Technologies for Children

    This document was prepared by the American Academy of Audiology Task Force on Guidelines for Remote Microphone Hearing Assistance Technology (HAT). HAT includes a variety of assistive hearing devices. However for the purposes of this document, HAT will only refer to hearing assistance technology that utilizes a remote microphone. More »

    Clinical Practice Guidelines: Remote Mic...
  • Nonclassical Pathways Of Auditory Reception

    Most audiologists will reasonably acknowledge that bone conduction audiometry is notoriously messy. More »

    Nonclassical Pathways Of Auditory Recept...
  • Tinnitus Assessment: The key to successful tinnitus patient management By: Clement Sanchez, Au.D M.Sc, Audiology Systems and Wendy Switalski, Au.D, Audiology Systems

    Hearing care professionals are meeting more and more tinnitus patients in their practice every day. An audiologist meeting a patient complaining of tinnitus needs to identify and quantify the subjective symptom. This is necessary both to establish the clinical type of tinnitus and to recommend the correct instrumentation to manage the tinnitus. This paper reviews the reasons for conducting a tinnitus evaluation and describes how a tinnitus evaluation can be enhanced using the psychoacoustic measurements and the tinnitus questionnaires available in the MADSEN Astera2 audiometer. More »

    Tinnitus Assessment: The key to successf...
  • AAA-ASN Enhanced Company Profile Packages

    Reach Audiologists year-round with a company profile in the industry’s most dynamic supplier resource guide. More »

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  • ESCO Acquires Midwest Hearing Industries, Inc.

    ESCO Acquires Midwest Hearing Industries, Inc. ESCO (Ear Service Company) Acquires The Original Hearing Aid Insurance Provider Midwest Hearing Industries Inc. Plymouth, MN, October 4th, 2017 – ESCO, the largest independent provider of extended warranties and Loss and Damage coverage, is pleased to announce the purchase of Midwest Hearing Industries, Inc. (MWHI), an Edina, Minnesota based hearing aid insurance company. Midwest Hearing began offering insurance loss coverage on hearing instruments over 50 years ago. “We are pleased with the purchase of Midwest Hearing Industries Inc.,” said Jim Guthier, President of ESCO. "Midw... More »

    ESCO Acquires Midwest Hearing Industries...