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The world's leading provider of solutions for measurement and diagnosis within hearing and balance.


Interacoustics offers a comprehensive range of products used to assess hearing and balance. All products incorporate user-friendly design to make obtaining sophisticated and accurate diagnostic measurements easy. Products for balance assessment includes VEMP, vestibular, oculomotor, vHIT testing; caloric irrigators, goggles, and rotational chairs. Hearing products include audiometry, tympanometry, ABR/OAE, and hearing aid fitting.

Product Spotlight 

  • Earn CEU credits at Virtual Clinic

    Explore your audiological diagnostic skills in a safe environment, similar to pilots training their skills in a flight simulator. In the Virtual Clinic you can meet different patients and diagnose their hearing and/or balance problems. Earn .1 AAA CEU credit per case.

    More Information » interacoustics.com/academy/virtual-clinic

    Earn CEU credits at Virtual Clinic
  • TRV Repositioning Chair for Diagnosis and Treatment of BPPV

    The TRV chair allows examiners to easily rotate and properly position patients for diagnosis and treatment of BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo). Patients are comfortably secured and easily moved. The Balance Quest by Interacoustics TRV chair is operated via the Interacoustics VisualEyes 505 videoFrenzel software module. Goggles record eye movements to detect presence of positional induced nystagmus.

    More Information » www.interacoustics.com/us/balance/chairs/trv-chair

    TRV Repositioning Chair for Diagnosis an...
  • Affinity Compact all-in-one fitting system

    Interacoustics NEW Affinity Compact is a next generation hearing aid fitting system – both technologically and aesthetically. One device can cover the entire client journey -- Audiometry, REM, HIT and visible speech mapping. It is offered in four configurations that follow a simple upgrade path. Select the precise set of modules and licenses that suit your practice protocols today and upgrade them when your business needs change. It streamlines and simplifies hearing aid fittings with a selection of consultation tools. It lets the clinician (or family members) hear what the hearing aid is doing in the patient’s ear so you can better understand patient feedback and make appropriate adjustments. 

    More Information » www.interacoustics.com/us/hearing-aid-fitting/anal...

    Affinity Compact all-in-one fitting syst...
  • Lyra clinical OAE

    Interacoustics NEW Lyra is a portable yet powerful OAE. It features reduced testing times and highly accurate measurements with advanced technologies such as Bayesian weighted averaging. Automatic in-ear-detection ensures the probe is seated properly for every measurement. Lyra is a PC-based, small and easy to bring from on location to another. Lyra connects via USB cord to a PC and is operated in the IA OAE software suite. The USB connection powers Lyra, eliminating the need for an external power supply.

    More Information » www.interacoustics.com/us/oae/lyra

    Lyra clinical OAE
  • AD528 diagnostic audiometer

    Interacoustics NEW AD528 audiometer is designed for busy clinics or traveling clinicians looking for diagnostic power that is easy to use. It offers a variety of testing options so clinics can create the test battery that fits their specific needs. It is the ideal audiometer for the road; it weighs under four pounds and can be combined with an optional carrying bag. The limited number of buttons required to operate the system ensure a short learning curve. The AD528 boots up nearly instantly, making it ideal for workflows with many power-ups during a day.

    More Information » www.interacoustics.com/us/audiometry/diagnostic/ad...

    AD528 diagnostic audiometer
  • Eclipse AEP, ASSR, OAE and VEMP

    The Eclipse - AEP, ASSR, OAE and VEMP testing on one dedicated platform. With patented CE-Chirp® Stimuli – Double your response Amplitudes, Up to twice the size compared to traditional clicks or tone bursts.

    • Easier interpretation
    • Markedly reduced test time

    The article “Demystifying the CE-Chirp®” on www.hearingreview.com explains all the evidence based benefits of the CE-Chirp®

    More Information » www.interacoustics.com/us/abr/eclipse

    Eclipse AEP, ASSR, OAE and VEMP
  • Titan OAE, ABRIS, Tympanometry and Wideband Tympanometry (WBT)

    Titan is an intuitive, fast and easy-to-use device that can be operated as a hand-held device or from your PC. Titan is a modular plaform that lets you combine the tools you need in one device. Customize Titan for standard diagnostic or advanced clinical testing. 

    DP & TE OAE / Tymp or WBT

    • Screening 226Hz tymp Included!
    • Automatically sets to peak pressure
    • Clean, fast response detection technology
    • Improved test quality with unique Bayesian Weighting
    • Easy, user defined ‘Pass-Refer’ setups

    More Information » www.interacoustics.com/us/tympanometry/clinical-di...

    Titan OAE, ABRIS, Tympanometry and Wideb...
  • VisualEyes 525 vestibular and oculomotor analysis

    VisualEyes 525 is a comprehensive VNG solution for analysis of vestibular and oculomotor disorders from Micromedical by Interacoustics. It offers a variety of software bundles and hardware options to choose from. You can purchase what you need now and follow simple upgrade paths down the road as your business needs change.

    More Information » www.interacoustics.com/us/balance/software/visuale...

    VisualEyes 525 vestibular and oculomotor...
  • VisualEyes 505 video frenzel system

    VisualEyes 505 is a Micromedical by Interacoustics product that provides ideal conditions for fixation-free observation and recording of eye movements during:

    • Spontaneous testing
    • Positional and Dix-Hallpike testing
    • Head Shaking testing
    • User defined testing

    More Information » www.interacoustics.com/us/balance/software/visuale...

    VisualEyes 505 video frenzel system
  • EyeSeeCam video head impulse Test (vHIT)

    The EyeSeeCam video head impulse test (vHIT) efficiently assesses all six semicircular canals to determine if the patient’s dizziness may be related to a vestibular disorder affecting the VOR.

    More Information » www.interacoustics.com/us/balance/software/eyeseec...

    EyeSeeCam video head impulse Test (vHIT)
  • VisualEyes 525 Orion Rotary Chairs

    The Orion rotary chair series from Micromedical by Interacoustics integrates with the VisualEyes platform for advanced vestibular evaluations. Choose between auto-traverse (chair with off-axis centripetal acceleration), comprehnsive (ideal for pediatric assessments) and reclining (designed for clinics with space-saving needs). 

    More Information » www.interacoustics.com/us/balance/chairs/orion

    VisualEyes 525 Orion Rotary Chairs
  • AD629 diagnostic audiometer

    The power of the internal processor provides PC-like functionality without the PC!

    The True Hybrid

    The AD629 presents a new concept we like to call ‘hybrid’, because it combines the best of past, present and future in a compact and classic design.

    • Upload multiple patient data into the AD629 before taking it on the road, then store test results to each specific client and download the information when you get back to the office to the database program of your choice (NOAH, OtoAccess™).
    • Support for multiple users
    • Optimum workflow is enhanced with the ability to define working protocols for multiple individuals. Simply select your own test protocol and let the system work for you. It even lets you define your own report.

    More Information » www.interacoustics.com/us/audiometry/diagnostic/ad...

    AD629 diagnostic audiometer
  • OtoRead™ handheld for screening or diagnostics

    This member of the Interacoustics OAE family is made to simplify your workday. OtoRead™ combines fast and comprehensive DPOAE and TEOAE testing of newborn babies, children and adults in an easy to use, handheld device.

    All OtoRead™ versions  are compatible with the OtoRead™ Module, allowing you to transfer test results quickly and wirelessly.

    • Designed with ergonomic care
    • Easy to navigate and read test results
    • Optimized lightweight probe for small ears
    • Fast printing of results
    • Assesses at frequencies up to 12 kHz for ototoxic monitoring
    • Pre-defined or user-defined test protocols

    More Information » www.interacoustics.com/us/otoread

    OtoRead™ handheld for screening or dia...
  • AT235 diagnostic impedance

    The AT235 provides additional high frequency probe tones for Y-component testing in addition to the traditional 226Hz tone.The AT235 test battery includes standard tympanometry, ipsilateral and contralateral acoustic reflex and reflex decay, Eustachian tube function test and air conduction audiometry.

    More Information » www.interacoustics.com/us/tympanometry/clinical-di...

    AT235 diagnostic impedance
  • Callisto basic and advanced audiometer

    The Callisto™ is a portable PC-based modular system that can include both a diagnostic audiometer and a full featured Real-Ear Measurement module (incl. Visible Speech Mapping).

    • Intuitive – combines advanced testing and counseling
    • Conforms to other Interacoustics Suite Software reducing the learning curve
    • Mix and match Audiometry, REM and VSP
    • Tailored customizable test routines
    • Merge Video Otoscopy into the suite
    • NOAH/OtoAccess™ compatible

    More Information » www.interacoustics.com/us/hearing-aid-fitting/anal...

    Callisto basic and advanced audiometer
  • Equinox 2.0 clinical audiometer

    Set up your own combinations on one user-friendly platform. Equinox2.0 is a user friendly, all-in one system for audiometry, real-ear measurement and technical hearing instrument testing. It also offers various counseling tools and a variety of special tests for advanced audiometry.

    • Customize your Equinox2.0 through dedicated software modules to create your personal combinations: Audiometry, REM, HIT, and Visible Speech Mapping.

    More Information » www.interacoustics.com/us/audiometry/clinical/equi...

    Equinox 2.0 clinical audiometer
  • AC40 from Interacoustics

    AC40 is a true clinical hybrid. This full, two-channel audiometer includes all the advanced features and functions needed by a modern clinic.

    • The AC40 allows for complete independent use as well as for full PCbased audiometry with complete Noah and EMR/HIS integration, it is a true hybrid audiometer.
    • The AC40 provides the best of both worlds for those who like the familiar, classic feel of an audiometer keyboard while simultaneously engaging the power of the PC.
    • Operate the AC40 as a stand alone audiometer (no computer)
    • Operate the AC40 via computer, and Operate the computer via the AC40
    • As a True Hybrid AC40 offers full control and the flexibility to work as you prefer; even if your clinic has multiple clinicians with individual preferences and needs.

    More Information » www.interacoustics.com/us/audiometry/clinical/ac40

    AC40 from Interacoustics
  • AS608 Screener from Interacoustics

    Auto threshold & PC integration

    Requires minimal training prior to use and offers calibrated pure tone and warble tone stimuli

    • A truly portable audiometer
    • The AS608 includes a dedicated, lightweight carrying bag with shoulder strap that will accommodate the audiometer, headset, and audiogram charts.
    • Powered by batteries
    • AS608 is powered by 3 AA batteries for true portability. You can also power the audiometer by an external power supply or USB. Typically battery lifetime is 6 months.

    More Information » www.interacoustics.com/us/audiometry/screening/as6...

    AS608 Screener from Interacoustics
  • OtoAccess™ database

    OtoAccess™ is a user-friendly database for storage of audiologic data and client information in private and public ENT clinics. It is equally suitable for installation on PCs as a stand alone database application as it is for networks with a number of clients using the same SQL server. Emphasis has been placed on high-speed data handling capacity. The number of patients and sessions is virtually unlimited and very high quantities of data will have little practical impact on search speed. OtoAccess™ has a journal feature for commenting on test sessions and a schedule planner for day-list management. Import and export facilities for XML, HL7 and GDT formats are fully implemented. A high degree of data safety ensures that OtoAccess™ meets HIPAA requirements.

    More Information » www.interacoustics.com/us/otoaccess

    OtoAccess™ database
  • Remote Audiology System

    The Remote Audiology System (RAS) provides a footprint that will comfortably fit into even the smallest test room while creating a professional appearance to make every patient at ease. Extend your geographical reach and see more patients with less travel.

    • Telehealth meets audiology
    • Configure RAS you way
    • Audiometry, fitting REM/VSP, Impedance

    More Information » www.interacoustics.com/us/ras

    Remote Audiology System
  • AD226 hybrid audiometer

    AD226 can be used as a fully self-contained, standalone audiometer or can be use with a computer to offer all the benefits of a PC-based audiometer such as full integration with Noah or OtoAccess software systems, electronic health records, or hospital information systems.

    The AD 226 powerful and portable (it weighs less than 3 pounds). It allows you to perform air and bone conduction audiometry with pure tone, warble and pulsed tones, and narrowband noise and white noise masking. AD 226 includes a built-in talk forward microphone to enable communicating with the patient in the sound booth.  

    More Information » www.interacoustics.com/us/audiometry/diagnostic/ad...

    AD226 hybrid audiometer

  • Full Range of Products

    Interacoustics product range covers the entire field of hearing and balance assessment. More »

    Full Range of Products
  • Balance Clinic - A Complete Soution

    Interacoustics has products for every step in identifying, assessing and rehabilitating patients with balance disorders. More »

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  • Free online CEU Courses

    Interacoustics Academy offers a selection of balance and hearing courses currently accredited for CEU points with the American Academy of Audiology (AAA). Courses are comprised of a series of e-learning modules and videos. Course length varies between 60 minutes and 120 minutes. Some courses are set up as a series of 15-minute modules that allow for completion over a series of viewings instead of a single session. More »

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  • Cammy Bahner, AuD
    Cammy Bahner, AuD

    Director of Audiology Balance
    Eden Prairie, Minnesota

  • Ashley Hughes, AuD
    Ashley Hughes, AuD

    Clinical Applications Specialist, Diagnostic Equipment
    Eden Prairie, Minnesota

  • Han Nguyen, Au.D.
    Han Nguyen, Au.D.

    Clinical Specialist, Electrophysiology and Vestibular
    Eden Prairie, Minnesota