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ADCO Hearing Products is the preferred distributor for hearing healthcare professionals. We have over 4,000 items in stock and ready to ship, including clinical supplies, assistive listening devices, cerumen management, infection control and much more. Our goal here at ADCO is to consistently go above and beyond for all of our customers and professional partners - you will always have a resource for information and answers here at ADCO. 

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Product Spotlight 

  • Bluetooth Tinnitus Therapy System - ADCO Exclusive!

    The Bluetooth Tinnitus Therapy System by Sound Oasis works as both a Bluetooth speaker and a therapeutic sleep system to help those with tinnitus get a better night's sleep. It features clinically proven high range frequency soundtracks designed to help relief tinnitus symptoms both day and night. When not being used as a sleep system or tinnitus relief product, you can use it stream music from your smartphone, iPod or any other Bluetooth enabled device.

    Bluetooth is not required in order to play therapeutic tinnitus tracks.

    Product Features

    • Preloaded micro SD card features 20 eight-hour long tracks designed specifically for tinnitus relief
    • Soundtracks have been clinically developed by sound therapy expert Dr. Jeffrey Thompson
    • Includes "nature only" and white noise soundtracks for tinnitus therapy
    • Compact design for easy transportation while traveling
    • Dimensions: 2.6" H x 2.5" diameter
    • Bluetooth...
      More Information » adcohearing.com/product/bluetooth-tinnitus-therapy...

    Bluetooth Tinnitus Therapy System - ADCO...
  • EarwaxMD - Cerumen Management

    Earwax MD is a safe and clinically proven product used to dissolve and remove unwanted earwax. This product uses new, patented technology that is significantly more effective than other products on the market today, removing earwax in one treatment of only 15 to 30 minutes (depending on the severity of the wax buildup). Available in 2oz of 15ml bottles.

    More Information » adcohearing.com/product/earwax-md-2oz-bottle

    EarwaxMD - Cerumen Management

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