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Think Outside of the Booth


Since 2012, SHOEBOX has been leading the evolution of hearing testing solutions for the mobile clinician. By bundling together simple, self-administered screening, portable diagnostics and teleaudiology, we are helping clinicians generate new revenue sources from mobile testing services.

Product Spotlight 

  • SHOEBOX Consult

    SHOEBOX Consult is a software-based digital audiometer designed to help deliver more patient-centric hearing services. It enables hearing care professionals to perform diagnostic evaluations while delivering an innovative and optimal patient experience.

    SHOEBOX Consult is:
    • Optimized for use outside of a sound booth
    • A software-based, portable audiometer
    • Highly intuitive, with a user-friendly interface
    • Available with an optional teleaudiology add-on to enable remote diagnostic evaluations including video otoscopy

    More Information » www.shoebox.md/products/shoebox-consult

    SHOEBOX Consult
  • SHOEBOX Online

    SHOEBOX Online is a simple-to-use hearing screening test. Use it to help reach, and begin to engage, a broader audience of customers.

    For users, it allows them to quickly assess their hearing ability from any device (mobile phone, tablet, or laptop) using their headphones. For clinicians, it also enables them to offer SHOEBOX Online from either their websites or as an onsite tool deployed on an iPad.

    The test categorizes the user’s hearing ability into normal, some loss, or significant loss categories. It then offers prompts to help the user take the next step in their journey to better hearing health.

    SHOEBOX Online:
    • Offers a great customer experience
    • Accurately categorizes users into three hearing levels
    • Is mobile and desktop-optimized
    • Available in 20+ languages and can be customized to meet your brand

    More Information » www.shoebox.md/products/shoebox-online

    SHOEBOX Online
  • SHOEBOX PureTest

    SHOEBOX PureTest is the world’s first automated iPad-based audiometer. More than simply portable, SHOEBOX PureTest performs diagnostic hearing testing using a modified Hughson-Westlake protocol. The system is FDA and Health Canada listed, conforms to current ANSI S3.6 requirements, and produces the same clinically valid frequency thresholds as conventional audiometers. SHOEBOX is:

    • Boothless: validated by peer-reviewed research to produce accurate results even when used outside of a sound booth
    • Compliant: conforms to current ANSI S3.6 & CSA z107.6 m90 requirements
    • Diagnostic: uses a modified Hughson-Westlake protocol with added reliability measures
    • Intelligent: adjusts ambient noise, and response reliability
    • Listed: as a Class II medical device with the FDA and Health Canada
    • Connected: offers access to a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based portal for backup and data management

    More Information » www.shoebox.md/products/shoebox-puretest

    SHOEBOX PureTest



SHOEBOX Consult Datasheet
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SHOEBOX Online Datasheet
December 21, 2023 11:03am

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