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Award-winning audiology solutions for hearing care professionals

Auditdata transforms the way hearing care providers can manage and deliver services to people with hearing loss.

With data-driven solutions and services catering to all touchpoints of the audiology customer journey, Auditdata helps you take a proactive approach to achieve excellence in the way you deliver patient care and run your audiology business.

Whether you want to increase leads, optimize clinical testing and fitting processes, or better understand customer touchpoints, we have a relevant solution to help you optimize and grow your hearing care business. These solutions are strong alone, but even more powerful working in concert with each other.

With Auditdata by your side, you can outperform the status quo in hearing care by gaining complete visibility and deep insights, empowering you and your team to measure what matters, drive accountability, and take action.

In October 2022, Auditdata won two prestigious Hearing Technology Innovator Awards™, one for its best-in-class Practice Management Software (PMS), Manage, and the other for Measure, its portfolio of audiological equipment run by advanced software. Auditdata’s award-winning portfolio of solutions makes it easier, faster, and more accurate for audiology professionals to do their jobs.

Established in 1992, we have more than 30 years of experience working specifically with retail and hospital audiology software and audiometry. Around the world, +5.000 clinics with +10.000 users already use our software on a daily basis to improve clinical performance. 

Product Spotlight 

  • Auditdata Engage - iPad Hearing Screener

    Auditdata Engage is a user-friendly iPad hearing screener and cost-effective lead generator that can help grow your business. Engage with potential clients outside of the clinic's location or pre-qualify leads easily. The screener is fully customizable allowing you to get a fully branded screener with your logo, brand colors and more.  You can create a unique testing protocol using the background settings of a screener, allowing early identification of hearing loss.

    More Information » www.auditdata.com/audiology-solutions/engage

    Auditdata Engage - iPad Hearing Screener
  • Auditdata Manage - Practice Management Software

    Auditdata Manage is a a cloud-based practice management software designed for the hearing care industry. With Manage you can easily create client profiles, keep accurate and detailed patient notes, handle appointments with advanced scheduling and keep track of your finances all in one platform. Using Noah integration, you can seamlessly make clinical data available at all locations with ease. Manage offers complete visibility of data allowing you to make strategic business decisions to improve your hearing clinic.

    More Information » www.auditdata.com/audiology-solutions/manage

    Auditdata Manage - Practice Management S...
  • Primus Pro - Advanced Audiometer & Fitting Unit

    Primus Pro is an advanced audiometer and fitting unit providing everything you need to perform advanced clinical audiometry, counselling and fitting. It offers a full test battery ranging including audiometry, Real-Ear Measurements and Speech Mapping. Run by advanced fitting software, it makes data available from your testing and fitting processes wich makes it possible to streamline workflows, follow best-practice, ultimetly leasing to better customer service.

    More Information » www.auditdata.com/audiology-solutions/measure/prim...

    Primus Pro - Advanced Audiometer & Fitti...
  • Primus Ice - Portable clinical audiometer

    Primus Ice is a portable clinical audiometer designed for audiological care on the move. This audiometer is not bigger than an envolope and it is fully equiped to carry out several hearing tests such as pure-tone - and speech audiometry. 

    More Information » www.auditdata.com/audiology-solutions/measure/prim...

    Primus Ice - Portable clinical audiomete...
  • Primus HIT Pro - Hearing Instrument test box

    Primus HIT Pro is a hearing instrument test box. Regardless of the manufacturer, the HIT box has all you need to test, fit and verify hearing instruments. This spacious test chamber makes hearing instrument testing faster and easier and with the Primus software you can to customize the stimuli and prescriptive targets according to your needs.

    More Information » www.auditdata.com/audiology-solutions/measure/prim...

    Primus HIT Pro - Hearing Instrument test...
  • Primus LS Mini - Portable loudspeaker system

    Primus LS mini is a portable high-end loudspeaker with optimal REM and RECD capabilities. Besides the compact design, it is small and lightweight allowing you to use it on the go. 

    More Information » www.auditdata.com/audiology-solutions/measure/prim...

    Primus LS Mini - Portable loudspeaker sy...
  • Auditdata Discover - BI Analytics Tool

    Auditdata Discover is an analytics platform that provides key metrics from Auditdata's Practice Managemenr Software, hearing screener and audiological equioment. This provides insights into key areas of your business, empowering you to make strategic business decisions based on the reports Discover offers. 

    More Information » www.auditdata.com/audiology-solutions/discover

    Auditdata Discover - BI Analytics Tool