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  • Dual- Lite UV Cure Unit
    Lightning Enterprises

    Designed specifically for fast and efficient hearing aid repair and modification, our Dual-Lite UV Curing Unit uses all the same dependable components as its "Big Brother" UV9W-2 Stainless Steel Unit, except in an economical plastic casing. The Dual-Lite utilizes interior mirrors which can be cleaned or replaced for maximum light reflectivity

    Dual- Lite UV Cure Unit
  • UV9W-2 Two Lamp UV Cure Unit
    Lightning Enterprises

    Designed specifically for the Hearing Aid Industry, our UV9W-2 UV Cure System is ideal for repairing, modifying and casing hearing instruments. Built tough for manufacturing environments yet stylish for the hearing health clinic, this dependable equipment provides an easy and efficient process at every level utilizing the latest in ultraviolet technology.

    Why UV9W-2?
    It is the toughest unit out there. We can honestly say, in all the years we have been producing this unit, we have never had one come back. If you're looking for toughness and dependability, UV9W-2 is the unit for you! 

    UV9W-2 Two Lamp UV Cure Unit
  • Audio Repair Bench- Hearing Aid Workstation and Repair Lab
    Lightning Enterprises

    With its all steel construction and attractive powder coated cabinet, the Audio Repair Bench is a superior choice for durability and functionality. This workstation includes as standard equipment a two speed Model 26A Red Wing Lathe with Mod Tool Kit, Dual-Lite UV Cure Unit, VAC-1B Hearing Aid Cleaning System, VAC-1D Desiccator Chamber for hearing aid drying, 2 Model 550 Dust collectors with splash hoods, and CM-3 Control Module, as well as extended sides to give the technician plenty of working room. The table top is a special Resist-Top which is designed to resist scratching and wear Under-the-shelf fluorescent light illuminates the work area. Vacuum pump sits inside the cabinet for convenient, quiet operation. Wiring and tubings are routed behind the unit for easy access and professional appearance.

    Audio Repair Bench- Hearing Aid Workstat...
  • BDM1- Battery Drain Meter
    Lightning Enterprises

    Whether you are a hearing health provider in the office, or a hearing aid specialist working in a lab, battery drain is an important factor for you. The amount of electronic current a hearing aid circuit is drawing can tell you a lot about whether an instrument is working properly. Many times, units are evaluated in a matter of seconds by simply reading the battery drain. You can use a drain meter to simply power an instrument, so next time you need to listen to a hearing aid, why not plug it in to your drain meter and note the amount of current the hearing aid is drawing? After awhile, you will become experienced in using this measurement to confirm and diagnose problems.

    BDM1- Battery Drain Meter
  • Lightning VAC Traveler Portable Hearing Aid Maitenance System
    Lightning Enterprises

    Taking your vacuum pump system on the road shouldn't be a hassle. The Lightning Vac Traveler makes home visits a breeze with its custom carrying case and professional equipment. Our Lightning Vac Traveler includes the popular Lightning Vac 2 Suction Unit with Blower (Includes DC adaptor), VJD-1 vacuum jar desiccator chamber for on-the-spot drying, Slip-Luer fitting with replaceable filter, NP-1 Professional Needle Pack with storage vial, and durable carrying case with custom foam insert. Make your next home visit more productive and hassle free with Lightning Vac Traveler.

    And now the carrying case includes cutouts for keeping the whole system connected during use, making it even easier and faster to use!

    Lightning VAC Traveler Portable Hearing...
  • Lightning VAC 2 Hearing Aid Vacuum With Blower
    Lightning Enterprises

    Ear wax accumulating in the sound outlet port is by far the #1 cause of premature hearing aid failure. This build-up of wax and debris clogs the port and impedes sound resulting in dead, weak, or distorted sound. The Lightning Vac 2 hearing aid vacuum is a small, yet powerful hearing aid cleaner designed to clean wax and debris from hearing aids, restoring sound and performance. Lightning Vac 2 hearing aid vacuum makes a great tool for the hearing health professional for use in the office, and when making house calls with our Lightning Vac Traveler portable hearing aid vacuum system. Lightning Vac 2 is easy to use, and includes a blower port with luer tubing for clearing needle obstructions, or blowing off loose debris. Lightning Vac 2 also includes a Slip-Luer with replaceable filter to trap debris, NP-1 Professional Needle Pack with 5 needle tips, 2 reaming needles, and clip for hand wand storage.

    Lightning VAC 2 Hearing Aid Vacuum With...
  • VAC-3 Professional Hearing Aid Vacuum Pump
    Lightning Enterprises

    Designed for the hearing aid industry to extract damaging wax and debris from hearing instruments, VAC-3 professional hearing aid vacuum pump is an essential servicing tool for the hearing health clinic and repair lab. This is the most durable and dependable vacuum pump in the industry, as well as the most powerful. It is no secret, accumulated ear wax in the sound outlet port is by far the most common cause of hearing instrument failure. Many of these units can be quickly and easily repaired by simply removing the debris with this powerful vacuum pump.VAC-3 includes a suction port, a blower port with luer fitting, NP-1 Professional Needle Pack for cleaning various parts of the hearing aid, and filter assembly with slip luer fitting for holding needle tips and trapping debris

    VAC-3 Professional Hearing Aid Vacuum Pu...

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