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  • Ear Gear Micro Corded
    Ear Gear

    Fits hearing aids: up to 1 inch up to 2.5 centimeters

    Available in beige, black , camouflage, chocolcate brown, grey, orange/ red, lipstick pink, royal blue

    Ear Gear Micro Corded
  • Ear Gear Micro Cordelss
    Ear Gear

    Fits hearing aids up to 1"

    Available in beige, black , camouflage, chocolcate brown, grey, orange/ red, lipstick pink, royal blue, 

    Ear Gear Micro Cordelss
  • Ear Gear Mini Curved
    Ear Gear

    Fits hearing aids:
    up to 1.25 inches
    up to 3.2 centimeters

    Ear Gear Mini Curved
  • Ear Gear FM
    Ear Gear

    Fits hearing aids (FM system):
    2 - 3 inches
    5 - 7.6 centimeters

    Ear Gear FM
  • Ear Gear Cochlear
    Ear Gear

    Fits various Cochlear and Advanced Bionics, Neurelec and Medel Processors:
    2 - 3 inches 5 - 7.6 centimeters 

    Ear Gear Cochlear
  • Ear Gear Baha
    Ear Gear

    Ear Gear Baha is designed to fit most models of Bone Conduction Processors, including the Baha Divino, Intenso, and the Oticon Ponto:
    up to 1.25 inches
    up to 3.2 centimeters

    Ear Gear Baha
  • Ear Gear ITE
    Ear Gear

    Ear Gear ITE can be used with any ITE that has been fitted with a corresponding attachment piece

    Ear Gear ITE
  • Ear Gear Original Corded
    Ear Gear

    Fits hearing aids 1.25- 2"

    Ear Gear Original Corded
  • ESP Dynamic
    Electronic Shooters Protection

    Widely considered the most advanced set of digital ear plugs available to shooters today, ESP’s Dynamic offers six advanced auto environmental settings which automatically adjust to your surroundings. With 16 channels and bands, ESP’s custom fit Dynamic offers an omnidirectional microphone that self activates to detect noises from every angle. The Dynamic will auto-calibrate natural sounds and optimize them for your unique hearing needs. Now you can hear the majestic bugle of a bull elk or the gentle rustle of leaves beneath an unseen deer while your hearing remains protected by keeping damaging noises such as gunfire below harmful sound levels (90dB). Treat yourself to the finest in digital hearing protection with our flagship model.

    ESP Dynamic
  • ESP Stealth
    Electronic Shooters Protection

    deal for all shooting conditions, the Stealth’s basic auto environmental controls scan your surroundings and automatically adjust to two different situations: wind and noise. ESP’s Stealth comes equipped with two channels and 12 bands. Our advanced feedback control technology eliminates feedback while maintaining optimal digital sound quality. The Stealth’s advanced compression circuitry protects your hearing from damaging noises over 90dB while allowing you to experience the natural sounds around you. The Stealth offers custom tuning based on your hearing test results. Hear better, shoot better while wearing ESP’s Stealth custom fit digital earplugs.

    ESP Stealth
  • ESP Elite Digital
    Electronic Shooters Protection

    Digital clarity at a fraction of the cost, ESP’s Elite Digital has two channels and 10 bands. This model comes outfitted with advanced compression circuitry to reduce hiss and static while providing a passive noise reduction of +/- 25 NRR. Custom tuning is available with this model based on your hearing test results. The Elite Digital is the perfect choice for the general shooter who desires digital sound quality at lower price point

    ESP Elite Digital
  • ESP Elite Classic
    Electronic Shooters Protection

    Innovative analog circuitry will protect you from noise-induced hearing loss caused by the damaging sound of gunfire. With an omnidirectional microphone, you will enjoy your surroundings natural sounds while remaining well protected. When compared to our digital models, the sound quality produced by ESP’s Elite Classic analog circuitry is slightly less smooth but remains suitable for any shooting situation. Like all of ESP’s custom fit ear plugs, the Elite Classic comes in a variety of shell and faceplate colors, an internal wax trap system and rotary volume control. Protect your hearing with the best analog earplugs available to shooters today.

    ESP Elite Classic
  • ImpressEar Electric Gun
    Westone Laboratories, Inc.

    The ImpressEar impression gun is designed to use S-50 cartridges and will express any viscosity of impression material.


    • Cordless operation
    • Flow and drip controls
    • Push button plunger retraction
    • Operates12 hours on a full charge
    • 30 impressions on one charge (approx.)
    • 1 SiliClone® S-50 cartridge, 4 mixing tips
    • 1 SiliClone Firm S-50 cartridge, 4 mixing tips
    • PROS Oto-Dam System, Assortment, 24/pkg, 6 each
    (7 mm, 9 mm, 11 mm, 13 mm)
    • Rechargeable Ni-MH battery
    • 1-year Warranty 

    ImpressEar Electric Gun
  • Clear Ear Model
    Westone Laboratories, Inc.

    This model is designed to aid viewing of the entire ear including the ear canal, middle ear components such as the tympanic membrane and auditory ossicles, and inner ear components such as the semicircular canals and Cochlea. All three bones that make up the auditory ossicles are represented in clear detail; malleus, incus, and stapes. Model size: 2-3/4" x 2-1/4" x 2-1/2". This unique ear model also comes with a white stand and an educational card which explains in greater detail the many components of the human ear. Card size: 6-1/2" x 5-1/4"

    Clear Ear Model
  • Request a Demo
    Ear Gear

    Ear Gear protects hearing instruments from sweat, moisture, dirt and loss. Here is what Ear Gear will do for you and your business:

    • See More New Patients 
    • Sell  More Hearing Instruments
    • Dramatically Increase Revenue

    Request a Demo
  • Ear Gear Wholesale Pricing
    Ear Gear

    Are you an audiologist, or work in a related field dealing with hearing loss? Then you qualify to receive an automatic 30% discount on all Ear Gear models. There is no cost to set up an account and no minimum purchase necessary. Apply now , and be able to order Ear Gear online at wholesale prices

    Ear Gear Wholesale Pricing
  • Music
    Emtech Laboratories INC

    Emtech Diamond Series Single Driver Universal In-Ear monitors include: 1 Set of single driver monitors, small/medium/large Comply Tips, micro fiber cleaning cloth, wax loop/brush, airplane jack 3/16" to 1/8" adapter, carrying case with attached carabineer. Each set of Comply tips come with a wax guard. A 680-ohm filter is also installed in each monitor nozzle to aid in protecting the monitors. Emtech Diamond Series monitors have up to 25dB ambient sound reduction. This is the level of ambient (surrounding area) sound that is blocked by the provided Comply Tips.

  • Hearing Protection
    Emtech Laboratories INC

    Emtech Laboratories offers a wide variety of hearing protection for children, recreational uses, occupational applications and sound professionals. We make protection of your hearing part of your everyday work use and lifestyle.

    Hearing Protection
  • Ear Piece Guide
    Emtech Laboratories INC

    Welcome to Emtech Laboratories. We offer a large variety of state-of-the-art hearing health care products and supplies. We manufacture custom earmolds as well as other products to enhance or protect your hearing.

    Ear Piece Guide
  • Online Store
    Westone Laboratories, Inc.

    Visit the Westone Online Store

    Online Store
  • Insta Putty Silicone Earplugs
    Insta-Mold Products, Inc

    Seals The Ear For Effective Protection from Water And Noise.



    Insta Putty Silicone Earplugs
  • Insta-Mold® Dur-A-Sil Silicone Impression Material
    Insta-Mold Products, Inc

    The most accurate deep ear impression material available for creating the best fitting ITE & CIC hearing aids.

    Insta-Mold® Dur-A-Sil Silicone Impressi...
  • Insta-Mold® Featherweight Instant Silicones
    Insta-Mold Products, Inc

    Create custom earmolds for BTE hearing aids, swimplugs for your myringotomy patients, and hearing protectors in your office in minutes at a fraction of the cost of an ear mold lab.

    Insta-Mold® Featherweight Instant Silic...
  • Doc's Proplugs Vented
    Doc's Proplugs, Inc.

    Perfect for:

    Water Sports
    Scuba/Free Diving
    Light Industrial - blocks 20db

    Doc's Proplugs Vented
  • Non-Vented Proplug
    Doc's Proplugs, Inc.

    Perfect for:

    Recreational Use
    Light Industrial- blocks 25db

    Non-Vented Proplug

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