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  • TIMS Audiology Software | Web Scheduler
    TIMS Audiology Software

    Manage Your Schedule on the Fly - Anytime, Anywhere.

    TIMS Web Scheduler brings simplicity, flexibility and efficiency to patient scheduling.

    Using the Web Scheduler, you can easily schedule—or reschedule—patient appointments on the fly. Anywhere, anytime. Simply manage appointments in a way that works best for you.

    Then, if your patient would like a friendly reminder of their appointment, set up Appointment Verifications and Confirmations to keep them informed of the initial appointment, or any changes that occur.
    And with the TIMS Web Scheduler, all your branch/office calendars are always in sync and always up-to-date ... every time you log in. 

    Whatever your scheduling needs, whether it’s web appointments, recurring appointments, non-patient appointments or even Block Scheduling, it can all be neatly handled right from within TIMS. 

    We thought it was time someone got it right when it came to appointments and...

    TIMS Audiology Software | Web Scheduler
  • TIMS Audiology Software | Electronic SuperBill
    TIMS Audiology Software

    Streamlining and Connecting Your Whole Billing Process

    TIMS Electronic Superbill delivers significant improvements in billing efficiency as well as cost-savings by eliminating the paper Superbill.

    From a patient’s initial appointment to check out, the Superbill ‘documents all charges’ pertaining to the visit.

    Auto invoice items, POS transactions and insurance procedures are consolidated in the Electronic Superbill—providing automated invoicing, purchase agreements and claims generation.

    The TIMS Electronic Superbill streamlines and connects your whole billing process.
    Schedule your demo and learn how today.

    TIMS Audiology Software | Electronic Sup...
  • TIMS Audiology Software | Communications Center
    TIMS Audiology Software

    Improve Patient Care. Grow Your Business.

    Utilize the TIMS Communications Center to track incoming/outgoing calls and emails, as well as track letters.
    When used effectively, TIMS Communications Center can help improve patient care, increase revenues and sell more of the products that help improve the quality of your patients’ lives. 

    Track patient interactions for a more integrated and efficient office workflow.

    • Generate and track incoming/outgoing calls and emails and track patient-related letters 
    • Generate mailing labels for outgoing letters
    • Create call scripts to handle common questions and objections
    • Incorporate Block Scheduling to improve telemarketing 
    • Generate and work ‘next contact’ pipeline per state requirements
    • Reschedule canceled appointments

    Use Opportunity Tracking to identify and act on qualified marketing leads.

    TIMS Audiology Software | Communications...
  • 13 New Solutions for Your Audiology Practice
    TIMS Audiology Software

    07/23/2017 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: We are excited to announce the availability of the latest version of TIMS, Release 6.05. The new release is the direct result of listening to the needs of our customers, prospects, and key partners. 

    13 New Solutions for Your Audiology Prac...
  • Review Wave Integration
    TIMS Audiology Software


    TIMS Audiology Software by Computers Unlimited Now Integrates with Review Wave.

    TIMS Software’s forward-thinking executive team sees reviews as a vital part of marketing for their users.

    July 27, 2017 (Press Release) – Seamless integration with Review Wave allows TIMS Software users to gather customer feedback and build their online reputation. Setting up Review Wave takes just a few minutes. TIMS and Review Wave have worked closely together to automate the integration and save our users time.

    Why would you integrate your TIMS Software with Review Wave? Consumers are choosing audiology practices based on:
    • personal referrals,
    • insurance website recommendations,
    • and online reviews.

    Recent surveys have shown that online reviews are trusted almost as much as a personal referral.

    “We are excited to help our users increase their marketing and help more patients im...

    Review Wave Integration
  • TIMS Questionnaire
    TIMS Audiology Software

    Produce an unlimited number of Questionnaires accessed from a convenient drop-down menu. During the initial patient evaluation, for instance, the Adult Case History Questionnaire lets you gather pertinent information such as what prompted the patient visit, whether or not the patient has been previously treated for ear problems, or recent ear pain or drainage. Rather than taking notes, you now have an easily accessible record of your patient's information. Build standardized question sets and custom reports to collect and visualize patient data.

    TIMS Questionnaire
  • Online Appointment Scheduling
    TIMS Audiology Software

    Take advantage of the integration between TIMS Software and Review Wave’s Online Scheduling with a 30-day free trial or ask about their 12-month Introductory Pricing special.
    Go to ReviewWave.com, use ‘TIMS’ for your 30-day free trial offer or call 800-563-0469.

    Online Appointment Scheduling
  • TransNational Payments Partnership
    TIMS Audiology Software

    Recently, I spoke with Perry Tatooles, VP of Strategy Partnerships and Matt Gandolfo, Strategic Partnership Manager, with TransNational Payments. TransNational specializes in working with a variety of medical practices much like yours. Read More >>>

    TransNational Payments Partnership
  • Announcing TIMS Audiology Cloud Computing
    TIMS Audiology Software

    TIMS Audiology Cloud is the same great software application used today, but runs in the cloud instead of on your local desktop computers. Call today for a demo.

    Read more on our blog from the company President, David Schaer >>

    Announcing TIMS Audiology Cloud Computin...

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