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  • TIMS Audiology Software | Web Scheduler
    TIMS Audiology Software

    Manage Your Schedule on the Fly - Anytime, Anywhere.

    TIMS Web Scheduler brings simplicity, flexibility and efficiency to patient scheduling.

    Using the Web Scheduler, you can easily schedule—or reschedule—patient appointments on the fly. Anywhere, anytime. Simply manage appointments in a way that works best for you.

    Then, if your patient would like a friendly reminder of their appointment, set up Appointment Verifications and Confirmations to keep them informed of the initial appointment, or any changes that occur.
    And with the TIMS Web Scheduler, all your branch/office calendars are always in sync and always up-to-date ... every time you log in. 

    Whatever your scheduling needs, whether it’s web appointments, recurring appointments, non-patient appointments or even Block Scheduling, it can all be neatly handled right from within TIMS. 

    We thought it was time someone got it right when it came to appointments and...

    TIMS Audiology Software | Web Scheduler
  • TIMS Audiology Software | Electronic SuperBill
    TIMS Audiology Software

    Streamlining and Connecting Your Whole Billing Process

    TIMS Electronic Superbill delivers significant improvements in billing efficiency as well as cost-savings by eliminating the paper Superbill.

    From a patient’s initial appointment to check out, the Superbill ‘documents all charges’ pertaining to the visit.

    Auto invoice items, POS transactions and insurance procedures are consolidated in the Electronic Superbill—providing automated invoicing, purchase agreements and claims generation.

    The TIMS Electronic Superbill streamlines and connects your whole billing process.
    Schedule your demo and learn how today.

    TIMS Audiology Software | Electronic Sup...
  • TIMS Audiology Software | Communications Center
    TIMS Audiology Software

    Improve Patient Care. Grow Your Business.

    Utilize the TIMS Communications Center to track incoming/outgoing calls and emails, as well as track letters.
    When used effectively, TIMS Communications Center can help improve patient care, increase revenues and sell more of the products that help improve the quality of your patients’ lives. 

    Track patient interactions for a more integrated and efficient office workflow.

    • Generate and track incoming/outgoing calls and emails and track patient-related letters 
    • Generate mailing labels for outgoing letters
    • Create call scripts to handle common questions and objections
    • Incorporate Block Scheduling to improve telemarketing 
    • Generate and work ‘next contact’ pipeline per state requirements
    • Reschedule canceled appointments

    Use Opportunity Tracking to identify and act on qualified marketing leads.

    TIMS Audiology Software | Communications...
  • 13 New Solutions for Your Audiology Practice
    TIMS Audiology Software

    07/23/2017 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: We are excited to announce the availability of the latest version of TIMS, Release 6.05. The new release is the direct result of listening to the needs of our customers, prospects, and key partners. 

    13 New Solutions for Your Audiology Prac...
  • Review Wave Integration
    TIMS Audiology Software


    TIMS Audiology Software by Computers Unlimited Now Integrates with Review Wave.

    TIMS Software’s forward-thinking executive team sees reviews as a vital part of marketing for their users.

    July 27, 2017 (Press Release) – Seamless integration with Review Wave allows TIMS Software users to gather customer feedback and build their online reputation. Setting up Review Wave takes just a few minutes. TIMS and Review Wave have worked closely together to automate the integration and save our users time.

    Why would you integrate your TIMS Software with Review Wave? Consumers are choosing audiology practices based on:
    • personal referrals,
    • insurance website recommendations,
    • and online reviews.

    Recent surveys have shown that online reviews are trusted almost as much as a personal referral.

    “We are excited to help our users increase their marketing and help more patients im...

    Review Wave Integration
  • TIMS Questionnaire
    TIMS Audiology Software

    Produce an unlimited number of Questionnaires accessed from a convenient drop-down menu. During the initial patient evaluation, for instance, the Adult Case History Questionnaire lets you gather pertinent information such as what prompted the patient visit, whether or not the patient has been previously treated for ear problems, or recent ear pain or drainage. Rather than taking notes, you now have an easily accessible record of your patient's information. Build standardized question sets and custom reports to collect and visualize patient data.

    TIMS Questionnaire
  • Online Appointment Scheduling
    TIMS Audiology Software

    Take advantage of the integration between TIMS Software and Review Wave’s Online Scheduling with a 30-day free trial or ask about their 12-month Introductory Pricing special.
    Go to ReviewWave.com, use ‘TIMS’ for your 30-day free trial offer or call 800-563-0469.

    Online Appointment Scheduling
  • TransNational Payments Partnership
    TIMS Audiology Software

    Recently, I spoke with Perry Tatooles, VP of Strategy Partnerships and Matt Gandolfo, Strategic Partnership Manager, with TransNational Payments. TransNational specializes in working with a variety of medical practices much like yours. Read More >>>

    TransNational Payments Partnership
  • Announcing TIMS Audiology Cloud Computing
    TIMS Audiology Software

    TIMS Audiology Cloud is the same great software application used today, but runs in the cloud instead of on your local desktop computers. Call today for a demo.

    Read more on our blog from the company President, David Schaer >>

    Announcing TIMS Audiology Cloud Computin...
  • Revolutionary!

    CaptionCall offers two revolutionary, no-cost solutions to help you patients use the telephone with confidence … the CaptionCall phone and the CaptionCall mobile app for iPad.

    Both are FREE to your eligible patients! Both provide amplification, customizable audio settings, and smooth-scrolling captions that display on a large, easy-to-read screen so your patients can hear and read what their callers say. Both are easy to use and enable your patients to stay socially engaged for a longer, happier, healthier life.

  • Red-Carpet Service

    In addition to a free phone, your patients will enjoy our red-carpet service.

  • No Hassels

    There is no inventory for you to handle or stock, no product support requirements, and no contracts to sign. Simply introduce your patients to CaptionCall and submit a certification form. CaptionCall does the rest. 

  • Ordering is Easy

    To order a free phone for your qualified patients, simply help them complete and submit a Professional Certification Form certifying that they have hearing loss and would benefit from CaptionCall. Once the form is submitted, a CaptionCall representative will contact your patient to schedule the delivery and installation of a free CaptionCall phone. That’s all there is to it.

  • Invigorate Your Marketing

    We invite you to use the free CaptionCall offer to invigorate your marketing campaigns and boost your traffic. 

  • Free For Your Qualified Patients

    There is no predetermined decibel threshold to qualify someone for a free CaptionCall phone. Your patient must simply have a hearing loss that, in your professional opinion, necessitates the use of captioned telephone service to communicate effectively by phone. Anyone who has trouble using the phone due to hearing loss is a great candidate for CaptionCall.  

  • How Can CaptionCall Be Free?

    As a provision of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the U.S. federal government established a fund to give individuals with hearing loss access to captioned telephone service at no cost. CaptionCall is an FCC-authorized captioned telephone service provider, and is compensated by the government for providing this service. No costs are passed on to your practice or patients. 

  • power one battery rechargers
    Varta Microbattery Inc.

    power one hearing aid battery chargers are available in two pocket sized versions and enable eco-friendly NiMH batteries to be recharged quickly. Designed for use with power one ACCU plus batteries, these chargers are specially programmed for quick and convenient charging. Slip the charger in purse or jacket pocket and never be handicapped by a dead battery again.

    power one battery rechargers
  • power one retail display
    Varta Microbattery Inc.

    power one is committed to making battery sales a profit center for audiologists. Battery sales are easy to conduct and the power one retail battery display requires very little space. Hearing health care practitioners can set up a retail battery business quickly and easily. We'll show you how!

    power one retail display
  • power one mercury free cells for cochlear implants
    Varta Microbattery Inc.

    power one offers a mercury-free alternative to our standard power one IMPLANT plus cells. Their exceptional performance capabilities make these batteries ideal for use in cochlear implants. power one IMPLANT plus mercury free cells are manufactured in the world’s largest and most up-to-date production site for hearing aid batteries.

    power one mercury free cells for cochlea...
  • p13 IMPLANT plus for high-power applications
    Varta Microbattery Inc.

    The product portfolio of the power one brand has also been expanded to include the power one IMPLANT plus Type 13. It provides an optimum hearing experience for hearing aids with high-power applications such as streaming.

    IMPLANT plus

    IEC                                        PR48
    Type No.                              46062
    Voltage (V)                          1.45
    Electrochemical system    Zinc Air
    Typical energy (mWh)       340
    Typical capacity (mAh)      290
    Diameter (mm)                    7.9
    Height (mm)                         5.4

    p13 IMPLANT plus for high-power applicat...
  • power one cochlear implant batteries
    Varta Microbattery Inc.

    power one is a market and technology leader in the field of cochlear implant batteries. Our cells are the only products worldwide to be recommended by CochlearTM, the recognized market leader for hearing implants. Since cochlear implants have a very high energy requirement, power one IMPLANT plus brand batteries, are excellently suited to cope with such a demand.

    power one cochlear implant batteries
  • Welcome AAA Participants to VARTA Microbattery Booth #1441
    Varta Microbattery Inc.

    The 2016 AudiologyNOW! conference in Phoenix, Arizona starts today. The American Academy of Audiology presents four days of education, networking and the latest in Hearing Healthcare technology.

    We welcome you to stop by the VARTA Microbattery booth, #1441, to discuss the newest innovations in hearing aid battery technology. Learn about the brand of the largest hearing aid battery manufacturer worldwide - power one.

    Welcome AAA Participants to VARTA Microb...
  • power one mercury-free hearing aid batteries
    Varta Microbattery Inc.

    power one offers the proven alternative to zinc air batteries. The power one wireless approved MERCURY-FREE are the new, hearing aid batteries that were designed for the the latest generation of wireless devices and hearing aids as well as Bluetooth applications. The introduction of our mercury-free hearing aid batteries, power one reaches its goal to be one of the most environmentally friendly battery manufacturers in the world. In the past, we were able to hold mercury content to a minimum; now, we supply top performing cochlear implant and hearing aid batteries that are 100% mercury-free. Long lasting, power one Hg 0% cells are manufactured in the world’s largest and most up-to-date hearing aid battery plant in Ellwangen, Germany. Our mercury-free cells use superior materials and are produced under strict clean room conditions.

    power one mercury-free hearing aid batte...
  • power one family of premium quality batteries
    Varta Microbattery Inc.

    Nobody takes a more comprehensive approach to hearing aid battery solutions than power one. Only power one offers dispensers a complete family of zinc air batteries, zinc air mercury free batteries, rechargeable batteries, plus a full line of complementary products including chargers, accessories and retail sales tools. power one is dedicated to the hearing health care professional. Why would you choose any other brand?

    power one family of premium quality batt...
  • power one rechargeable ACCU plus hearing aid batteries
    Varta Microbattery Inc.

    power one is the only manufacturer in the world to provide rechargeable batteries and chargers for virtually every size of hearing aid. Each rechargeable power one ACCU plus battery replaces up to 57 conventional primary batteries, and do not contain mercury or lead or cadmium.

    power one rechargeable ACCU plus hearing...
  • power one zinc air batteries
    Varta Microbattery Inc.

    Premium quality power one brand zinc air batteries are manufactured in Ellwangen, Germany, at the world's most advanced and largest production site for hearing aid batteries. They are produced on fully automated high-speed lines, and the high degree of automation means that very few manual operations are required. Each individual cell is tested for its electrical and mechanical characteristics in accordance with strict specifications.

    power one zinc air batteries
  • Ear Gear Micro Corded
    Ear Gear

    Fits hearing aids: up to 1 inch up to 2.5 centimeters

    Available in beige, black , camouflage, chocolcate brown, grey, orange/ red, lipstick pink, royal blue

    Ear Gear Micro Corded
  • Ear Gear Micro Cordelss
    Ear Gear

    Fits hearing aids up to 1"

    Available in beige, black , camouflage, chocolcate brown, grey, orange/ red, lipstick pink, royal blue, 

    Ear Gear Micro Cordelss
  • Ear Gear Mini Curved
    Ear Gear

    Fits hearing aids:
    up to 1.25 inches
    up to 3.2 centimeters

    Ear Gear Mini Curved
  • Ear Gear FM
    Ear Gear

    Fits hearing aids (FM system):
    2 - 3 inches
    5 - 7.6 centimeters

    Ear Gear FM
  • Ear Gear Cochlear
    Ear Gear

    Fits various Cochlear and Advanced Bionics, Neurelec and Medel Processors:
    2 - 3 inches 5 - 7.6 centimeters 

    Ear Gear Cochlear
  • Ear Gear Baha
    Ear Gear

    Ear Gear Baha is designed to fit most models of Bone Conduction Processors, including the Baha Divino, Intenso, and the Oticon Ponto:
    up to 1.25 inches
    up to 3.2 centimeters

    Ear Gear Baha
  • Ear Gear ITE
    Ear Gear

    Ear Gear ITE can be used with any ITE that has been fitted with a corresponding attachment piece

    Ear Gear ITE
  • Ear Gear Original Corded
    Ear Gear

    Fits hearing aids 1.25- 2"

    Ear Gear Original Corded
  • Program Consultation
    Chicago Advertising & Marketing (CAM)

    Our 19 years in the industry has given us insights into what works. We will help you: 

    • Select the target areas for the best results
    • Choose the most effective offers that get customers to respond
    • Plan mail drops to effectively manage new patient appointments
    • Work to maximize your marketing spend

     Program Consultation
  • G.R.O.U.P Deals
    Chicago Advertising & Marketing (CAM)

    During the year, CAM will periodically offer special discount programs where dispensers across the country combine their nationwide buying power on specific mailers. Here’s how it works:

    • A Special mailer is announced with a target price
    • The offer is only available for a very limited time
    • You can call or click on the website to order
    • Everyone who orders within the offer window will receive the special low price

    G.R.O.U.P Deals
  • Direct Marketing Services
    Chicago Advertising & Marketing (CAM)

    Working with CAM couldn’t be easier. We offer you:

    • The "CAM Cycle," the industry's proven way to ensure a steady flow of new patients every week
    • Quick turnaround times (as little as 48 hours!)
    • Easy payment plans and installment options
    • The time to focus on patients because we manage the entire process for you

    Direct Marketing Services
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
    Chicago Advertising & Marketing (CAM)

    CAM is nationally recognized for its outstanding selection of effective mailers. Our mailers are:

    • Proven to increase sales
    • Available in many different formats and price points
    • Fully customizable
    • Drop-shipped to the local USPS to enter mail stream nearest to your customers

    Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Request a Demo
    Ear Gear

    Ear Gear protects hearing instruments from sweat, moisture, dirt and loss. Here is what Ear Gear will do for you and your business:

    • See More New Patients 
    • Sell  More Hearing Instruments
    • Dramatically Increase Revenue

    Request a Demo
  • Ear Gear Wholesale Pricing
    Ear Gear

    Are you an audiologist, or work in a related field dealing with hearing loss? Then you qualify to receive an automatic 30% discount on all Ear Gear models. There is no cost to set up an account and no minimum purchase necessary. Apply now , and be able to order Ear Gear online at wholesale prices

    Ear Gear Wholesale Pricing
  • Deployment Methods
    Simply Hearing Software Inc.

    Simply Hearing Software offers both Hosted (Cloud-based) and On-Premises deployment methods for our leading office management software. There are many differences between our on-premises and hosted/cloud software including up-front costs and pricing structures. Contact us to learn more about each option.


    Deployment Methods
  • Simply Hearing Mobile
    Simply Hearing Software Inc.

    The Simply Hearing OMS Appointment Schedule is now mobile!


    With Simply Hearing Mobile for iPhone and iPad you can take your schedule anywhere. Whether your business is mobile or you don’t want to be tied down to a computer, Simply Hearing Software lets you take your schedule wherever you are - across town or around the world. View appointments for yourself or for your entire staff from one easy to use intuitive interface. Simply Hearing Mobile for iPhone and iPad is also completely Multilingual!




    • View Appointments By Month

    • View Appointments By Day

    • View Complete Appointment Details

    • Easily View Schedules For Multiple Staff


    Simply Hearing Mobile
  • Simply Hearing OMS | AURORA
    Simply Hearing Software Inc.

    Used around the world today, Simply Hearing OMS | AURORA is browser-based, technology-driven and has been specifically designed as a complete solution for today's hearing care professionals.


    It is fully scalable to meet the needs of any size organization as it offers features and functionality that are unmatched in the industry.


    Our comprehensive system has been built for single-location, multi-location and national hearing healthcare organizations.  It fully supports the Health Care Systems of Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the United States and is in use in many other countries around the world.

    Simply Hearing OMS | AURORA
  • Careers
    Audigy Group

    Your New Career is Just a Click Away

    Whether you love to code, kern, or diagnose, there’s an Audigy team that could use your skills.

    Love working with passionate, driven people? So do we. Find an outlet for your talent at Audigy Group corporate, or join one of our Members’ thriving, independent hearing practices. Together we’re bringing positive change to the world of hearing care.

  • Strategic Business Unit
    Audigy Group

    Welcome to your end-to-end business support team

    You’re a successful independent audiology professional—but how many hats can you really wear?

    Strategic Business Unit
  • Business Development
    Audigy Group

    How would you like to improve the experience your patients have with your practice, align your teammates’ goals with your practice’s goals, and grow your business at the same time? Who wouldn’t, right? Our Business Development Team can help you accomplish this, just as they have for dozens of our existing Members

    Business Development
  • Finance
    Audigy Group

    Accuracy, consistency, and visibility. Flawless record keeping. An impeccable financial statement structure. Finance Services assists members with financial analysis and projections, as well as planning for future growth.

  • Human Resources
    Audigy Group

    AG Human Resources takes an active role in supporting your business by helping you attract, develop, and retain the high-quality people that mean the difference between having a staff and having a team

    Human Resources
  • Innovation and Technology
    Audigy Group

    Meet your strategic partner for the life of your systems. At Audigy Group, technology can be your catalyst to growth, scale, and efficiency. Our team of healthcare information technology experts utilizes best practices, standardized equipment, and best-in-class service so that you can devote your time and energy to your patients.

    Innovation and Technology
  • Marketing Services
    Audigy Group

    Who do you want to reach today? Our Marketing Services department functions much like an advertising agency—graphic designers, copywriters, editors, content strategists, media buyers, and digital marketing specialists all working together to build and execute a complete marketing strategy for your practice.

    Marketing Services
  • Member Integration Team
    Audigy Group

    So you’ve decided to stand beside North America’s most respected audiology professionals. Great! But what comes next? Ease into that transition, with the help of our Member Integration team. They’ll be your field guides in helping you navigate Audigy’s terrain, understanding our Member-exclusive programs and platforms, and will even introduce you to other Audigy Members who share some of the same experiences you have had throughout your career.

    Member Integration Team
  • Operations
    Audigy Group

    These business guardians feed on data and are motivated by efficiency. Their ability to analyze and absorb information is only equaled by their desire to strengthen and grow your business.

  • Professional Development
    Audigy Group

    The best teachers do more than simply recognize and nurture people’s potential. They possess the creativity and wherewithal to affect people’s thinking and actions—and this team is in the business of blowing people’s minds. But they’ll do more than amaze you. They’ll show you a clear pathway to capturing practice opportunities

    Professional Development
  • Rayovac Proline Business Builder Program
    Rayovac Corporation

    Starting to offer batteries may seem overwhelming; however, the Rayovac ProLine business builder program includes tools to make starting your battery business easy!

    From envelopes to appointment cards to informational brochures, Rayovac provides you with the basic office materials needed to get your battery business set up. While setting up your office, make sure to ask about the business builder posters, counter easels, and acrylic display racks. By displaying these materials where patients can see them, you can increase awareness and sales!

    Rayovac Proline Business Builder Program
  • Proline Advanced
    Rayovac Corporation

    Now shipping Rayovac’s “Best Battery Ever” with marked improvements to ProLine Advance Mercury Free hearing aid batteries. The improved performance design delivers a significant capacity advantage over other Mercury Free products, making ProLine the World’s Longest Lasting! In addition, this latest generation provides a higher voltage of 1.45v, allowing maximum performance in high demand aids, as well as faster power up.

    Proline Advanced
  • Cochlear
    Rayovac Corporation

    Cochlear is now mercury free and our best cochlear battery ever!

    Cochlear Advanced Mercury Free answers the specific high-power demands required by patients with cochlear implants. In addition, it is the world’s first mercury free cochlear battery.

  • 24 Hour Shipping
    Rayovac Corporation

    Orders placed before 4pm CST on a U.S. business day are guaranteed to ship from our Portage, WI location before 4pm CST on the following U.S. business day. Orders will ship via Rayovac’s pre-paid carrier and arrival dates may vary based upon ship-to location. Qualifying orders are those that contain ProLine products and meet a $100 per order minimum. Guarantee subject to other exclusions, such as promotional orders, orders held due to customer credit, credit card or pricing issues, new customer setup, imprint changes, online orders put on hold due to customer, holidays, plant closings, reasons outside of manufacturer’s control, such as inclement weather, acts of God, etc., and orders containing 6000 product pieces or more. We reserve the right to ship partial orders.

    24 Hour Shipping
  • Performance & Consistency
    Rayovac Corporation

    Rayovac is the World’s Longest Lasting!

    ProLine Advanced Mercury Free is the World’s Longest Lasting mercury free hearing aid battery. This translates into more days of battery life for your patients – they will notice the difference! Rayovac’s new formulation also exceeds the competition in quality and consistency, providing you with the very best power source solution for all your hearing devices!

    Performance & Consistency
  • Quality & Testing
    Rayovac Corporation

    All Rayovac hearing aid batteries are made to ensure the highest quality for users. Rayovac has developed an advanced test regime that accurately reflects device and consumer requirements. Following the most recent guidelines established by ANSI and IEC, battery performance, quality, and reliability are strictly monitored assuring that you and your patients receive the very best performance battery after battery.

    Quality & Testing

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