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  • Complete Infection Control Kit
    Warner Tech-Care Products

    This kit includes everything that is needed to start a complete infection control program in your office. It includes products that clean and disinfect hands, ITEs, CICs, earmolds, instruments, and surfaces.

    Complete Infection Control Kit
  • Tech-care® Quick-pro™ Earmold Material
    Warner Tech-Care Products

    With our Quick-pro™ material, you can create professional quality, long-lasting earmolds right in your office while your patient is waiting. You have total control over the fit, getting it right the first time. No need to return earmolds to a lab for modifications. In less than an hour, the patient leaves your office with a complete hearing system. With Quick-pro, your costs are lowered, you no longer have to deal with clumsy stock molds and you can offer your patients the benefits of a custom earmold fit without the 2-7 day wait or hassles of a return fitting appointment. Quick-pro earmolds are also ideal for use with temporary or demo hearing instruments, and have received high praise from healthcare professionals on mission trips

    Tech-care® Quick-pro™ Earmold Materia...
  • Serene Renew Hearing Aid Dryer & Freshener
    Warner Tech-Care Products

    The Serene Innovations Renew hearing aid dryer and freshener uses dry heat to remove moisture and condensation. It’s powerful UV light inhibits bacteria growth. Simple one-touch operation and easy-to-open compartment, even for people with arthritis. It features a built-in battery tester and accommodates up to two pairs of hearing aids or Cochlear Implant processors. Environmentally friendly - no chemicals or desiccants. Compact and lightweight with universal AC adapter. Use at home or on the road

    Serene Renew Hearing Aid Dryer & Freshen...
  • Ear Gear Accessories
    Warner Tech-Care Products

    Your best choice in hearing instrument security and protection. Washable, durable Ear Gear prevents hearing instruments from getting lost. Soft, comfortable, double wall spandex construction protects from sweat, moisture, dirt, dust, chafing and minimizes wind noise. Eight fashionable, fun colors makes Ear Gear a fashion accessory. Models for all sizes and kinds of hearing instruments. Ear Gear is perfect for infants and active school children, adults who hike, bike, run, any sporting activity or work outdoors. Seniors in assisted living with dementia or Alzheimer’s

    Ear Gear Accessories
  • The Lighted Ear Curette™ with Magnification
    Warner Tech-Care Products

    Features and Benefits: 
    • Visualization - A brilliant white light is projected to the tip of the curette illuminating even the most difficult to see ear canals. The disposable light source lasts up to 50-60 cerumen removal procedures
    • Safety - Illumination improves procedural accuracy, avoiding the risk of injury from blind curettage with stainless steel curettes. 
    • Saves Time - Visualization of the ear allows medical professionals to quickly and efficiently remove cerumen from the ear canal.
    • Convenience- Eliminates the need to use a separate light source to enhance visualization.
    • Single Patient Use Tips - Reduces the risk of any cross contamination as well as eliminating he time, labor, and costs associated with re-sterilizing steel curettes.

    The Lighted Ear Curette™ with Magnific...
  • Universal Hearing Screener
    Warner Tech-Care Products

    New ergonomical design. Ideal for placement in Primary Care Doctors’ offices and clinics. 40dB tone is presented at 500, 1,000, 2,000 and 4,000 Hz with easy to access buttons. Powered by 2 AAA batteries (included). Low battery warning light. Comes with a black carry pouch.

    Universal Hearing Screener
  • Heine Mini 3000 LED Otoscope
    Warner Tech-Care Products

    Modern otoscope with maintenance-free LED illumination. Twice as bright as a conventional
    Xenon Halogen instrument. The LED has all the features of the regular Fiber Optic otoscope,
    with the addition of:

    • Maintenance-free, no need to ever exchange the LED
    • LED Thermal management for a consistent light output
    • High-performance-LED: bright, homogeneous illumination with excellent color rendering
    • Exclusive battery performance indicator

    The set includes otoscope, handle, 4 reusable specula, five each of 2.5mm and 4mm disposable specula, batteries, and hard case

    Heine Mini 3000 LED Otoscope
  • Amplicom PowerTel 760 Assure Amplified Corded Phone with Answering Machine
    Warner Tech-Care Products

    The ­new ­Amplicom­ PowerTel­760 ­Assure­ is a­ great ­alternative ­for ­those­ who ­want ­a corded ­model.­ It ­has ­many ­excellent­features­ but ­is ­still­ simple ­to ­use.­ It’s ­great­ for those ­with­ moderate ­to ­severe ­loss.­The ­PowerTel760 ­has ­large ­buttons ­for ­easy ­dialing and­ can ­add ­up ­to ­four­ expansion ­cordless ­handsets ­for­ other ­rooms ­in ­their­ home.­Two year warranty.

    Amplicom PowerTel 760 Assure Amplified C...
  • MiraCell® ProEar™
    Warner Tech-Care Products

    Botanical extract relieves itching and soothes irritated ears. Use directly in the ear to soften wax or as a lubricant. Comes in a 1/2 oz. and 2 oz. bottle. The 1/2 oz. bottle is also available individually boxed or in a display box of 12 bottles.

    MiraCell® ProEar™
  • Tech-care® Clean-Wipes
    Warner Tech-Care Products

    Disinfectant towelettes designed for the hearing healthcare industry.
    ALCOHOL FREE formula ultra fabric wipes are premoistened with a hospital grade disinfectant and are designed to clean and disinfect environmental surfaces such as hearing aids, specula and headphones. Large - 8" x 3-1/2" sheets. Small - 3/12" x 4-1/2" sheets. The towelettes can be used by both patients and clinicians for in-office use or as a resale item

    Tech-care® Clean-Wipes
  • Tech-care Ear-guard Instant hearing protection
    Warner Tech-Care Products

    Protects hearing while working or playing in loud environments. Ideal for factory workers, law enforcement officers, musicians, concert goers and homeowners who want to protect their hearing while using loud equipment. Our gun dispensed Ear-guard silicone is SPEEDY, SANITARY and DURABLE! No more hand mixing. Custom hearing protection that can be modified, vented, and lacquer coated all in less than an hour. Highly thixotropic, easy flowing, 40 Shore A. NRR Rated at 28. Ear-guard products are sold individually or in convenient starter kits

    Tech-care Ear-guard Instant hearing prot...

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