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  • Neuro-Audio: ABR, OAE, VEMP, ASSR and ECochG System


    A full range of objective and subjective techniques for the diagnostics of acoustic and vestibular analyzer affection, hearing threshold search is in one small unit now! Using this device you can perform ABR, ASSR, multi-ASSR, M LR, LLR/CAEP, TEOAE, DPOAE, SOAE, ECochG, VEMP, P300, MMN, pure tone audiometry techniques easily.


    Product highlights:

    • all-in-one solution for auditory EP and OAE acquisition
    • automatic multi-ASSR test
    • high acquisition quality
    • VEMP with biofeedback
    • new standard for routine tests
    • FDA-approved

    Neuro-Audio: ABR, OAE, VEMP, ASSR and EC...

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