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power one - The professionally focused battery brand

Product Spotlight 

  • power one family of premium quality batteries

    Nobody takes a more comprehensive approach to hearing aid battery solutions than power one. Only power one offers dispensers a complete family of zinc air batteries, zinc air mercury free batteries, rechargeable batteries, plus a full line of complementary products including chargers, accessories and retail sales tools. power one is dedicated to the hearing health care professional. Why would you choose any other brand?

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    power one family of premium quality batt...
  • power one mercury-free hearing aid batteries

    power one offers the proven alternative to zinc air batteries. The power one wireless approved MERCURY-FREE are the new, hearing aid batteries that were designed for the the latest generation of wireless devices and hearing aids as well as Bluetooth applications. The introduction of our mercury-free hearing aid batteries, power one reaches its goal to be one of the most environmentally friendly battery manufacturers in the world. In the past, we were able to hold mercury content to a minimum; now, we supply top performing cochlear implant and hearing aid batteries that are 100% mercury-free. Long lasting, power one Hg 0% cells are manufactured in the world’s largest and most up-to-date hearing aid battery plant in Ellwangen, Germany. Our mercury-free cells use superior materials and are produced under strict clean room conditions.

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    power one mercury-free hearing aid batte...
  • power one rechargeable ACCU plus hearing aid batteries

    power one is the only manufacturer in the world to provide rechargeable batteries and chargers for virtually every size of hearing aid. Each rechargeable power one ACCU plus battery replaces up to 57 conventional primary batteries, and do not contain mercury or lead or cadmium.

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    power one rechargeable ACCU plus hearing...
  • power one zinc air batteries

    Premium quality power one brand zinc air batteries are manufactured in Ellwangen, Germany, at the world's most advanced and largest production site for hearing aid batteries. They are produced on fully automated high-speed lines, and the high degree of automation means that very few manual operations are required. Each individual cell is tested for its electrical and mechanical characteristics in accordance with strict specifications.

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    power one zinc air batteries
  • power one cochlear implant batteries

    power one is a market and technology leader in the field of cochlear implant batteries. Our cells are the only products worldwide to be recommended by CochlearTM, the recognized market leader for hearing implants. Since cochlear implants have a very high energy requirement, power one IMPLANT plus brand batteries, are excellently suited to cope with such a demand.

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    power one cochlear implant batteries
  • power one mercury free cells for cochlear implants

    power one offers a mercury-free alternative to our standard power one IMPLANT plus cells. Their exceptional performance capabilities make these batteries ideal for use in cochlear implants. power one IMPLANT plus mercury free cells are manufactured in the world’s largest and most up-to-date production site for hearing aid batteries.

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    power one mercury free cells for cochlea...
  • p13 IMPLANT plus for high-power applications

    The product portfolio of the power one brand has also been expanded to include the power one IMPLANT plus Type 13. It provides an optimum hearing experience for hearing aids with high-power applications such as streaming.

    IMPLANT plus

    IEC                                        PR48
    Type No.                              46062
    Voltage (V)                          1.45
    Electrochemical system    Zinc Air
    Typical energy (mWh)       340
    Typical capacity (mAh)      290
    Diameter (mm)                    7.9
    Height (mm)                         5.4
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    p13 IMPLANT plus for high-power applicat...
  • power one retail display

    power one is committed to making battery sales a profit center for audiologists. Battery sales are easy to conduct and the power one retail battery display requires very little space. Hearing health care practitioners can set up a retail battery business quickly and easily. We'll show you how!

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    power one retail display
  • power one battery rechargers

    power one hearing aid battery chargers are available in two pocket sized versions and enable eco-friendly NiMH batteries to be recharged quickly. Designed for use with power one ACCU plus batteries, these chargers are specially programmed for quick and convenient charging. Slip the charger in purse or jacket pocket and never be handicapped by a dead battery again.

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    power one battery rechargers
  • Welcome AAA Participants to VARTA Microbattery Booth #1441

    The 2016 AudiologyNOW! conference in Phoenix, Arizona starts today. The American Academy of Audiology presents four days of education, networking and the latest in Hearing Healthcare technology.

    We welcome you to stop by the VARTA Microbattery booth, #1441, to discuss the newest innovations in hearing aid battery technology. Learn about the brand of the largest hearing aid battery manufacturer worldwide - power one.

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    Welcome AAA Participants to VARTA Microb...