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INVENTIS • Audiology Equipment

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INVENTIS • Audiology Equipment

Inventis is a high-tech oriented Italian company that develops and manufactures a full line of cutting-edge medical devices for the field of audiology. 

Product Spotlight 

  • Trumpet - Real Ear Measurement system

    Trumpet is an advanced and easy-to-use Real Ear Measurement system, capable of performing quick and accurate in-situ measures thanks to its small lightweight probes and its built-in amplified speaker. Trumpet also incorporates a diagnostic audiometer for carrying out air, bone and speech audiometric exams.
    Controlled directly from your computer, Trumpet offers a complete but simple and intuitive software interface, making it a compact and portable system with no compromises.

    More Information » www.inventis.it/Fitting/TRUMPET-Real-Ear-Measureme...

    Trumpet - Real Ear Measurement system
  • Delfino - Wireless Video Otoscope

    Delfino is a wireless video otoscope. Thanks to the state-of-the art imaging system used in the compact, dolphin-shaped handpiece, you can see, capture and store top quality images of the ear canal on a traditional display or on the computer screen. Maximum patient and operator comfort are guaranteed by wireless functionality.
    Crisp and clear images, ease of use, a small footprint, ergonomic design and Noah connectivity combine to make Delfino the perfect choice for audiologists, ENT specialists and hearing aid dispensing centers.

    More Information » www.inventis.it/Fitting/DELFINO-Wireless-Video-Oto...

    Delfino - Wireless Video Otoscope
  • Piccolo - PC & iPad® controlled audiometer

    Piccolo is a portable diagnostic audiometer, offering air, bone and speech audiometry functions. Piccolo can be controlled either from a computer running Windows or, for the first time ever, from an iPad® over a Bluetooth wireless connection.
    A lightweight, compact design, powerful, user-friendly software, and Noah connectivity combine to make Piccolo the ideal choice for professionals on the move.

    More Information » www.inventis.it/Audiometers/PICCOLO-Portable-Audio...

    Piccolo - PC & iPad® controlled audiome...
  • Cello - PC & iPad® controlled audiometer

    Cello is a PC or iPad® controlled diagnostic audiometer, capable of performing fast and accurate air, bone and speech audiometry exams, as well as several additional tests including QuickSIN™, HF audiometry, and video-VRA. With its revolutionary design, complete feature set and top reliability, Cello is a little masterpiece, ideal for anyone unwilling to compromise on appearance and user experience.

    More Information » www.inventis.it/Audiometers/CELLO-Diagnostic-Audio...

    Cello - PC & iPad® controlled audiomete...
  • Bell - Diagnostic Audiometer

    Bell is a screening/diagnostic audiometer, capable of performing fast and accurate air and bone threshold examinations.
    Simple operation, a user-friendly interface and easy portability make Bell the ideal instrument for private clinics, multi-specialist clinics and occupational medicine applications.

    More Information » www.inventis.it/Audiometers/BELL-Diagnostic-Audiom...

    Bell - Diagnostic Audiometer
  • Harp - Diagnostic Audiometer

    Harp is an advanced diagnostic audiometer, capable of performing fast and accurate air, bone and speech audiometric exams, as well as several additional tests including QuickSIN™ and a two-channel master hearing aid.
    Top-level features combined with ease of use and portability make Harp the ideal choice for a wide range of users, from hearing aid dispensers to audiologists, clinics and hospitals.

    More Information » www.inventis.it/Audiometers/HARP-Diagnostic-Hybrid...

    Harp - Diagnostic Audiometer
  • Piano - Clinical Audiometer

    Piano is an advanced clinical audiometer featuring a complete battery of tests, including High Frequency, easily managed via the wide touch screen color display.
    Advanced features, supreme flexibility and extreme simplicity of use make Piano the ideal choice for clinics and hospitals, as well as for professional practitioners who demand the very best from their instruments.

    More Information » www.inventis.it/Audiometers/PIANO-Clinical-Hybrid-...

    Piano - Clinical Audiometer
  • Piano Plus VRA - Clinical Audiometer

    Piano Plus VRA is a fully featured, two- independent channels clinical audiometer, which can become the heart of a professional VRA system using as reinforces either traditional cabinet toys or videos and images on one or more displays.

    More Information » www.inventis.it/Audiometers/PIANO-Plus-VRA-Clinica...

    Piano Plus VRA - Clinical Audiometer
  • Flute - Diagnostic Middle Ear Analyzer

    Flute is a diagnostic middle ear analyzer, capable of performing incredibly fast and reliable automatic sequences of tympanometry and reflex threshold tests, as well as manual reflex and reflex decay tests, ETF for intact and perforated eardrums, high frequency tympanometry.
    Great versatility, a user-friendly interface, advanced features and small size make Flute the ideal choice for a wide range of users, from audiologists to clinics and hospitals.

    More Information » www.inventis.it/Tympanometers/FLUTE-Diagnostic-Tym...

    Flute - Diagnostic Middle Ear Analyzer
  • Clarinet - Clinical Middle Ear Analyzer

    Clarinet is a clinical middle ear analyzer, featured with all the tests needed for a deep and accurate investigation of middle ear disorders. Automatic and manual tympanometry, acoustic reflex threshold, decay and latency examinations, ETF for intact and perforated eardrums, high-frequency and multi-component tympanometry are all available and the results can all be observed on a wide touch screen colored display.

    More Information » www.inventis.it/Tympanometers/CLARINET-Clinical-Ty...

    Clarinet - Clinical Middle Ear Analyzer
  • Viola - Diagnostic Middle Ear Analyzer and Audiometer

    Viola is a combo unit that integrates a screening middle ear analyzer offering ultra- fast and reliable tympanometry and reflex tests with a diagnostic audiometer capable of performing threshold and speech examinations in AC and BC. Small footprint, complete features set, great reliability and ease of use make Viola the perfect choice for professionals on the move and for installations where space is at a premium.

    More Information » www.inventis.it/Tympanometers/VIOLA-Combo-Tympanom...

    Viola - Diagnostic Middle Ear Analyzer a...
  • Maestro - Audiology Software

    Maestro is the software solution developed by Inventis, which allows you to easily manage the patient data and fully interact with your audiology equipment, bringing your daily practice to a new level of technology. Maestro allows the user to choose the configuration of his database. It can be installed with proprietary database, with a Noah database (as a Noah module) or without database.

    More Information » www.inventis.it/Software/MAESTRO-Daisy-and-Noah-Mo...

    Maestro - Audiology Software
  • Drum

    Drum is a hearing instrument test box (HIT) capable of an impressive ambient sounds attenuation, and featured with all the standard tests for evaluating performances of air conduction hearing aids. Directly controllable from the Maestro software, Noah compatible and equipped with coupler and all adapters for any type of hearing aids, Drum is the perfect solution for those most demanding users who are not willing to compromise on user friendliness of their instrument.

    More Information » www.inventis.it/products/drum

  • Timpani - Handheld Tympanometer

    The handheld tympanometer Timpani is a lightweight, compact and powerful device, designed to conduct middle ear screening tests simply, swiftly and accurately. It is capable of performing automatic tympanometry exam as well as, optionally licensed, acoustic reflexes test and screening pure tone audiometry. The device features a wide colour display with touchscreen interface.

    More Information » www.inventis.it/Tympanometers/TIMPANI-Handheld-Tym...

    Timpani - Handheld Tympanometer

Web Site: www.inventis.it 


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