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ESCO - Ear Service Company

Loss, Damage and Repair Insurance Coverage for Your Patients Hearing Instruments

ESCO - Ear Service Company

Promote Loyalty. Improve Retention.

As a hearing practitioner, each day you care for your patients with respect, value, and uncompromising care. It’s what you do.

At ESCO, we aim to support you in this process. Insurance coverage offers your patients consistent quality of care by extending the loss, damage, and repair coverage of their hearing instruments. Provide peace-of-mind to your patients and improve your practice’s patient retention; that’s a win-win in our book. Trusted protection. That’s what we’re here for.

For over 30 years, ESCO has been the leading insurance provider of loss, damage, and repair coverage for the hearing industry. Practitioners choose to work with ESCO because of the comprehensive coverage, remarkable customer service, low premiums and payment plans, and effortless claims processing. When it comes to your practice’s future, your patients are everything. Strengthen your relationship with them by choosing coverage options from ESCO.

ESCO works with all major hearing device manufacturers and has covered more than one million devices since we opened our doors. We are the largest independent provider of extended warranties and loss and damage coverage, and are the trusted choice of many practitioners for insuring the products they offer.



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