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Clinic management made easy

Product Spotlight 

  • Go paperless with Blueprint OMS

    Store insurance cards, correspondence, medical reports, manufacturer invoices, purchase agreements and much more. Have patients sign documents electronically with the optional signature pad. Documents will be stored in the cloud and can be retrieved from anywhere. Now a true paperless solution for hearing clinics.

    More Information » blueprintsolutions.us/key-features/clouddocs

    Go paperless with Blueprint OMS
  • Scheduling

    Blueprint OMS makes managing time, people, patients, clinics, and resources a breeze.

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  • Go Mobile

    Go Mobile
    See your appointment schedule wherever you are.
    Blueprint OMS synchronizes seamlessly to your smartphone or tablet calendar

    More Information » blueprintsolutions.us/key-features/scheduling

    Go Mobile
  • Free Insurance Billing

    That’s right. Insurance billing with Blueprint OMS is free. Generate HCFA claim forms. Submit electronically through our clearing house.

    More Information » blueprintsolutions.us/key-features/billing

    Free Insurance Billing
  • Hearing Aids

    With Blueprint OMS you can manage your hearing aid ordering process. Track hearing aids ordered, as well as hearing aids received but not delivered. Manage hearing aids sent for repair, and track receipts and delivery back to the patient. Generate manufacturer forms for new orders, repair orders and returns. No more filling out manufacturer forms by hand. When receiving hearing aids you can scan the bar-coded serial numbers for fast error free entry to Blueprint OMS.

    More Information » blueprintsolutions.us/key-features/hearing-aids

    Hearing Aids
  • Inventory

    Blueprint OMS provides a complete hearing aid inventory and loaner/trial management module. Main features:
    Generate purchase orders
    Receive inventory
    Move stock aids between locations and track items in transit
    Enter manufacturer bills and post to QuickBooks
    Manage inventory in multiple locations
    Sell from inventory
    Loan from inventory
    Generate loaner agreements Click to view agreement
    Full inventory posting to QuickBooks

    More Information » blueprintsolutions.us/key-features/hearing-aid-inv...

  • Request a Demo

    We would welcome the opportunity to provide you with an online demo to share with you what Blueprint OMS can do for your practice. Please submit this form and we will get right back to you.

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    Request a Demo