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Serene Innovations, Inc.

Making Life Easier

Serene Innovations, Inc.

Since 2002, Serene Innovations’ assistive technology has made life easier for thousands of customers in the U.S. and around the world. Traditionally, we have designed and manufactured practical solutions for seniors and others with hearing, vision, and mobility challenges to navigate everyday tasks that most people take for granted—like talking on the phone, watching TV, listening for the doorbell or emergency alarms, and monitoring smart phone notifications.

Today, many of our items offer more universal appeal, such as the best-selling TV SoundBoxTM Wireless TV Speaker, TVDirectTM Private Listening Systems, and app-based products like the instaLINKTM Wearable Smart Phone Alert Watch and Wireless Super Bed ShakerTM Alarm Clock, which connect to your smart phone using Bluetooth® technology.

Our current product range includes cordless and corded amplified phones (some with big-button, photo-memory, and talking features), telephone amplifiers and loud ringers, TV listening devices, watches and alarm clocks, hearing aid maintenance, home notification systems, and more.

Serene Innovations also developed the world’s only specially engineered Voice-Activated, Remote-Control Speakerphone, the Model RCx-1000, that helps anyone with upper-body paralysis or other severely restricted mobility to make and receive phone calls with ease.

You may order Serene’s products on our website or through our extensive nationwide reseller network.


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