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Hansaton Hearing Systems

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Product Spotlight 

  • FREE! Hansaton eControl Remote

    When you buy 1 set of XearA Conventional or Rechargeable hearing instruments in Antaro or Inara class get a FREE eControl Remote. Plus, free wireless included on custom ITEs.

    •Offer valid on Antaro and Inara classes
    •Offer valid until May 31, 2014
    •Offer valid on first three orders

    The new XearA platform, with a screaming fast processor, 40 channels, new compression architecture, frequency response up to 10 kHz, new Conversation Lift and Sound Restore, is setting a new benchmark in hearing comprehension.

    More Information » www.hansaton-usa.com/contact-new-eControl.php

    FREE!  Hansaton eControl Remote
  • Hansaton In-the-ear hearing systems

    Five different designs adapted to multiple levels of hearing loss.

    More Information » www.hansaton-usa.com/hearing_systems_XearA.php

    Hansaton In-the-ear hearing systems
  • HANSATON X-Micro

    The ultra-small behind-the-ear hearing system in seven elegant colors.

    More Information » www.hansaton-usa.com/hearing_systems_XearA.php

    HANSATON X-Micro
  • Hansaton X-Mini

    Suitable for almost every ear and every type of hearing loss: X-Mini by HANSATON in six stylish shades.

    More Information » www.hansaton-usa.com/hearing_systems_XearA.php

    Hansaton X-Mini
  • Hansaton Mini

    The award-winning designer housing with interchangeable shell concept: for a multitude of combinations in six stylish colors.

    More Information » www.hansaton-usa.com/hearing_systems_XearA.php

    Hansaton Mini